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3/9/09 12:14 am - beeandsquirrel

Look a fake comic panel!!! So I can pretend I've actually finished my script ahahaha

Oh and a squirrel from the OTHER script I'll never finish:

10/9/08 09:50 pm - nhaar - antler dog

I actually just drew this one for fun. During the schoolyear...how bizarre!
But yes I still update this blog I swear.

9/29/08 07:07 pm - nhaar - *gurgle*

the border!!! aarrgghhhh my wrist

Anyways this is what those pumas were for. Tarot cards...actually I didn't have to do tarot cards, but I chose to...and the border was...completely unnecessary.
Can you find the mouse?

...oh jeez now i have to color these....

9/28/08 12:55 pm - nhaar - epic turkey

too lazy to resizeCollapse )

I've been staring at this darn thing so long I don't even know what it looks like anymore. I think I like the turkey. Background fails, though.

9/24/08 08:58 pm - nhaar - puma, cougar, mountain lion

One of each! Oh, wait...

9/18/08 07:54 pm - nhaar - FISH

(It's a fish)

This is what we do in class.

On a seperate note...I finished my first animation and I'm trying to upload it on youtube but...its being ridiculous.

9/15/08 01:46 am - beeandsquirrel

Wow I sure have been neglecting this thing... meanwhile Annie has been proving once again that she is an Art Student and Knows What She's Doing... where as I am nothing more than a girl who cartoons for a hobby... oh wells.

Here is what is maybe going to be the banner of my Australia blog, if I actually end up doing one... I am riding a Muttaburrasaurus... which is an iguanadont found in Australia...

9/14/08 08:58 pm - nhaar - b to the a to the r-a-c-k

Yaay, almost done. Not really sure why I've been rushing this all day...I have tomorrow off and since we're just starting the semester...at this rate I won't have anything to do. Anyways yes he is almost done and now he even has a fancy red rectangle which helps with the composition and also makes him look a little like a yu-gi-oh card.

His left eye is a little squinty but I don't really feel like fixing it though I really like his left ear...actually its my favorite part. How bout that.

9/13/08 11:12 pm - nhaar - an Obama for digital illustration

We need to draw a famous person embodying a single word for Digital Illustration. I was originally going to do Darwin but people told me that...not enough people would know what Darwin looks like. WHICH IS RIDICULOUS.
Anyways here's Obama and his obviously photo referenced lighting.

9/10/08 10:38 pm - nhaar - something neeew

Yaay, school work = an excuse to actually update this thing.
Here be a frame from my very first animation project. I would put up more but....that would mean scanning more pages and that's more effort...ppffftt.

Anyways its a coati. And a dragonflyyy

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